SCO Secretary-General: “Let the shining light and heat of the Bonfire of Friendship warm the young hearts and light up the future road for the young.”

The Bonfire of Friendship

On 10 November 2018, following the working programme, the SCO Youth Assembly participants and guests gathered on a scenic beach on Hainan Island to light the Bonfire of Friendship of the SCO countries' youth.

In the atmosphere of harmony and concord, openness and friendship, the participants witnessed a vibrant event symbolising the strengthening SCO youth movement. When the yellow and red flames lit up the dark skies reflected by the quiet waters of the South China Sea, the silence was broken by the ringing "Hooray!" and loud applause.

"Carry the friendship which was born at the Assembly throughout your lives. Let it be your guiding star," the SCO Secretary-General told the participants.

The Bonfire of Friendship lighting ceremony wrapped up the official programme of the SCO Youth Assembly.