SCO Women’s Club in Beijing explores Chinese culture

The SCO Women’s Club held its autumn meeting dedicated to Chinese culture

On 31 October 2018, the SCO Women's Club held its autumn meeting dedicated to Chinese culture at the Red Stone Art Centre.

The event was attended by the wives of ambassadors and diplomats from the missions of the SCO family countries. The meeting was headed by Zamira Asimova, chair of the SCO Women's Club. During the remarkable and busy event, the guests learned about the history of tea in China, where it was originally cultivated, and various kinds of green and red Chinese emperor's tea. They also took part in tea ceremony lessons.

The lecture on the art of traditional Chinese floristry, which became a workshop on how to create flower arrangements, was useful and educational. A fashion show and a lecture on cutting-edge achievements in medicine were a special surprise. The club members saw the latest Chinese fashions for autumn and learned how to stay young using modern medicine.

The event concluded with a presentation of the Red Stone Museum's new collection, which included jewellery, pictures made from precious and semi-precious stone chips, Chinese calligraphy and silk embroidery.

The SCO Women's Club was founded at the SCO Secretariat in Beijing at the initiative of the SCO Secretary-General in 2016. It is a meeting platform that is used to hold large cultural events for the wives of ambassadors and diplomats of the SCO family accredited in Beijing.