SCO marathon in Kunming: First records 50 days before the start

SCO marathon in Kunming

More than 40,000 people from 51 countries have sent in online applications to participate in the Third International Marathon of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) in the city of Kunming (Yunnan province, China) on 2 December 2018. Among them are representatives of the SCO member states, observers and dialogue partners as well as of Kenya, Ethiopia, Germany, the United States, Great Britain, South Africa, Italy, South Korea, Nigeria, Columbia, Japan and other countries.

As of 9 October, 41,626 people — 57 percent men and 43 percent women —have registered online. This is the first time that 3,868 children younger than 12 have signed up.

6,120 people (84 percent men and 16 percent women) wish to run the full marathon, and 13,727 (64 percent men and 33 percent women) hope to compete in the half-marathon, as well as 13,202 in the health run and 8,577 in the parent-child event.

The oldest participant in the SCO Third International Marathon is 81, and the youngest is merely two months. The runners will represent all age brackets: under 29 — 38.29 percent, 30 to 39 — 32.72 percent, 40 to 49 — 21.78 percent, 50 to 59 — 6.13 percent and 60 plus — 1.08 percent.

The number of marathon applicants is double what the event can accommodate, so the Organising Committee will soon select in a drawing the luckiest, who will be able to run the marathon alongside professional athletes from the SCO family and special guest athletes.

To thank the people of Kunming for their support and involvement, the Organising Committee has decided to reserve 500 additional places for city residents.

The winners of the drawing will be contacted later.

The SCO Third International Marathon will be held in Kunming (Yunnan province, China), the City of Eternal Spring, on 2 December 2018. It is expected that 20,000 people will compete in the marathon, including professional athletes from SCO member states and other countries. Large-scale cultural events and shows will take place on the eve of and on the day of the marathon. A gala concert will be held to honour the winners and guests of the race.

Accredited journalists can get the necessary information at the marathon's press centre. The Chinese central television channel CCTV 5 will broadcast the marathon live and provide commentary throughout the event.

The SCO Kunming International Marathon has been awarded Gold Label status by the Chinese Athletic Association. The SCO marathon aspires to become a label event of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).