Meeting of the Council of the Heads of Government (Prime Ministers) of the SCO member countries to be held in Dushanbe on 11-12 October 2018

A meeting of the Council of National Coordinators of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation

A meeting of the Council of National Coordinators (CNC) of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) took place on the eve of the meeting of the Council of the Heads of Government (Prime Ministers) in Dushanbe on 8-10 October 2018 under the chairmanship of Kyrgyzstan's representative. Deputy Foreign Minister of Tajikistan Zohir Saidzoda gave the welcome address at the meeting

The National Coordinators negotiated the agenda of the Council of the Heads of Government meeting, prepared drafts for a joint communique and a number of important trade, economic and humanitarian decisions and measures on improving the performance of SCO permanent bodies.

Participants in the CNC meeting reviewed a report of the SCO Secretariat on implementing a programme of multilateral trade and economic cooperation of the SCO member states in 2017-2018, and discussed the drafts of the programme on SCO cooperation on food security and a memorandum by the authorised departments of the SCO member countries on technical cooperation on joint prevention and countering of epizootic diseases.

The participants discussed the programme of cooperation between the foreign ministries of the SCO member states for 2019 and conducted a broad exchange of views on the results of a number of measures in the trade, economic, cultural and humanitarian areas, as well as certain issues of the SCO's current activities.

The CNC coordinates the SCO's activities and joint actions by the relevant ministries and departments of its member countries. 

The SCO presidency is held by Kyrgyzstan in 2017-2018.