Dongfang to receive young people from SCO countries

Dongfang to receive young people from SCO countries

On 21 September 2018, SCO Secretary-General visited Dongfang city in China's Hainan Province and had a meeting with city administration party committee secretary Tie Gang.

The officials discussed matters concerning cooperation between the city administration and the SCO Secretariat, primarily in the context of holding the first SCO youth assembly.

"The holding of the first SCO youth assembly in Dongfang will become a large-scale event, called on to facilitate the practical implementation of the Organisation's youth policy, charted by the leaders of SCO member states at their summit in Qingdao," Mr Alimov pointed out.

The Dongfang administration's party committee secretary noted that it was a great honour as well as a privilege for the city to cooperate with the SCO. "We will be truly delighted to receive guests from SCO countries and to help in whichever way is required of us to hold SCO youth events in our city," Tie Gang said.

High-ranking representatives of the Dongfang administration also attended the meeting.

Dongfang, a major seaport and tourist city with a ramified infrastructure, is located in the western part of Hainan Province on Hainan Island. The city is famous for its unique sandy beaches stretching for about 85 kilometres, picturesque tropical landscapes and unique water-sports opportunities.