Top school students from Qingdao visit SCO Headquarters

The SCO Headquarters held its traditional Open Doors Day

On 29 August 2018, the SCO Headquarters held its traditional Open Doors Day. This time, invitations went to students from Qingdao who won various school competitions related to the SCO.

SCO Secretary-General Rashid Alimov welcomed the talented and gifted children. "You have come from a city that hosted a historic meeting of SCO heads of state and government. This means that you have brought with you the spirit of the Summit that signals a new era for our organisation. At the Summit, special attention was paid to the younger generation, which will determine the SCO's future. When I see you, knowing about your achievements, I have every reason to believe that the SCO has a bright future ahead," Mr Alimov said.

An improvised concert was held in the hall at the SCO Headquarters, offering students an opportunity to show off their talents, including a masterly performance on a national musical instrument, an excerpt from a Beijing opera, and also sang the song You and I.

SCO Deputy Secretary-General Xie Xiaoyong showed the visitors the SCO Secretariat, offering an insight into the SCO history and the Shanghai Spirit.

SCO Open Doors Days are a cycle of events launched in 2016 in order to enable school and university students from SCO member countries to visit the organisation's Headquarters.