Third SCO Youth Camp participants get a feel of the SCO atmosphere during visit to SCO HQ

Окунуться в атмосферу ШОС смогли участники Третьего молодежного лагеря ШОС, посетив штаб-квартиру Организации

On 20 July 2018, participants in the 3rd Youth Camp of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) visited the SCO Headquarters in Beijing. The delegation consisted of almost 80 students and young professionals from the countries of the SCO Family countries, including representatives of the SCO Youth Council, observer states and dialogue partners.

"The SCO is committed to encouraging the involvement of young people in the comprehensive development of their countries and to strengthening friendship, neighbourly relations and cooperation between them in all areas," SCO Deputy Secretary-General Aziz Nosirov said at the meeting with the representative youth delegation. He noted that the historic Qingdao Summit resulted in the heads of SCO states adopting a Joint Appeal to the Youth, expressing confidence that young people in the SCO member states, "by taking an active part in society's life, will make a worthy contribution to the development and prosperity of their countries, the strengthening of regional and global stability and security, to the dialogue among peoples, cultures and religion."

The visit included an informal conversation on the SCO's goals and objectives, its plans and future projects that could benefit from the participation of "the young generation of the SCO."

By visiting the SCO Headquarters and touring the SCO Charter Hall and the Hall of SCO Member States' Emblems, as well as a collection of unique crafts, the young people got a feel of the atmosphere of the organisation, gained an insight into its values and experienced the Shanghai Spirit.

The 3rd SCO Youth Camp was held by the All-China Youth Federation in Qingdao and Beijing between 15 and 22 July 2018.