Voting over in Turkey: SCO Observer Mission’s work results

Миссия наблюдателей от ШОС продолжает свою работу в Турецкой Республике

On 24 June 2018, a SCO Mission monitored the voting process during the presidential and parliamentary elections in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, as well as in the country's main trade, industrial and cultural centre, Istanbul.

Members of the Mission visited 326 polling stations in the above-mentioned cities and spoke with heads of regional, municipal and local electoral authorities as well as observers from international organisations and political parties and voters.

The observers were present when polls opened as well as during the counting procedure following the voting.

Voter turnout was high, including among the elderly and young people. Special attention was given to voters with disabilities.

The electoral process was organised in accordance with a set of procedures regulated by the Supreme Electoral Council of Turkey.

All the necessary conditions were created to enable international observers to monitor the election process. On the eve of the voting day, the members of the Mission met with representatives of the Istanbul and Ankara electoral commissions. During the meetings, information was given on the organisational procedures and other measures taken to ensure voters freedom of choice. In addition, international observers visited the Election Process Monitoring Centre in Ankara.

Following the monitoring process in the Mission headquarters in Ankara, the observers summed up their joint work and agreed the text of an official statement by the SCO Mission.

On 25 June 2018, the SCO Mission members plan to hold a meeting with the media. During the news conference, they will present detailed information about the work of the SCO Observer Mission and issue the agreed statement.