SCO Monitoring Mission starts operations in the Republic of Turkey

Миссия наблюдателей от ШОС приступила к работе в Турецкой Республике

From 19 to 25 June 2018, an SCO mission that came to Turkey at the invitation of its Ministry of Foreign Affairs will monitor preparations for and the holding of the snap parliamentary and presidential elections in the Republic of Turkey.

Led by SCO Deputy Secretary-General Vladimir Potapenko, the Mission comprises monitors from the SCO member states and the Secretariat.

The SCO Mission is planning to focus on Ankara and Istanbul.

On the first day in Ankara, the Mission head met with President of the Supreme Electoral Council of Turkey Sadi Güven to discuss legal and organisational matters pertaining to international monitors' activities in Turkey as well as the specifics of the electoral process.

Mr Potapenko conveyed greetings from SCO Secretary-General Rashid Alimov and explained how the Mission had been preparing to monitor the parliamentary and presidential elections in the Republic of Turkey.

The Mission operates in keeping with the Regulations on the SCO Monitoring Mission at Presidential and/or Parliamentary Elections and Referendums of 15 May 2006.