SCO Film Festival opens in Qingdao

Первый кинофестиваль стран ШОС

Ceremony of the first SCO Family countries film Festival opened in Qingdao on 13 June 2018, bringing together delegations from the 12 countries in the SCO family.

"The festival is a unique opportunity to show the strength of the Shanghai spirit, to appreciate and better understand the unprecedented wealth of the cultural legacy of the eight member states and four observer states. Cinema art presents an exceptional chance to get first-hand knowledge of the history, culture and rich traditions of our countries," SCO Secretary-General Rashind Alimov emphasised in his welcoming message to the festival participants and organisers.

Mr Alimov expressed confidence that "the Film Festival would add fresh trends and ideas to the palette of the SCO countries' film industries, and would contribute to cultural and humanitarian cooperation, taking it to a brand new level."

SCO Deputy Secretary-General Vladimir Potapenko, who took part in the official opening ceremony of the film festival, met with Wang Xiaohui, director of the State Film Administration, and top officials from the Shandong Province and the city of Qingdao.

The Cinema Market was launched on 14 June allowing SCO Deputy Secretary-General Vladimir Potapenko and the delegation heads to see the stands of the 12 member states, all of whom sent films to the festival.

The SCO Film Festival is taking place in the Chinese city of Qingdao from 13 to 17 June 2018. Initiated by China, it is the first large-scale event in SCO history to bring together filmmakers from the eight member states and four observer states.

Of 55 entries that have been screening in Qingdao since 11 June, 23 films will be selected for the competition. Aside from the opening ceremony and the Cinema Market, the programme includes thematic days of the member states, and a Cinema Forum to promote national cinema, cultural exchange and cooperation between member states. The festival will be followed by a ceremony to present awards for the best film, best director, best screenplay, best actor, best actress, and a special jury prize.