Joint Communique of the Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization on Simplifying Trade Procedures

The Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO, or the Organisation), following the SCO Heads of State Council Meeting in Qingdao (People's Republic of China) on 9-10 June 2018, declare the following:
In order to develop the main ideas stipulated by the Charter of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization signed on 7 June 2002,
to further promote economic cooperation in the region,
recognise the significant potential for further developing mutual trade between the SCO Member States,
based on the close geographic location of the SCO Member States,
and support the work carried out by the SCO to simplify trade procedures,
the Member States affirm their intention to continue cooperating with the intent of simplifying trade procedures between the countries.
Simplifying trade procedures, decreasing the number of customs formalities on imports, exports and transit of goods, increasing transparency, developing cooperation between border agencies, including customs, and expediting the transit of goods, the release of goods and customs clearance to simplify and promote mutual trade between the SCO Member States.
The SCO Member States are convinced that it is necessary to continue the discussion of corresponding approaches to the issue in order to simplify trade in the region, considering the importance of the joint efforts needed to support and strengthen the multilateral trade system based on the standards and principles of the World Trade Organisation.