SCO launches upgraded Secretariat website for Qingdao summit

Запущена обновленная версия официального веб-сайта Секретариата ШОС

The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation has launched an upgraded version of its Secretariat website today in the run-up to the most significant political event of the year, the SCO Summit in Qingdao, China, to improve its accessibility and ease of use.

Visitors of the SCO Secretariat website will be able to:

— watch videos attached to articles as live illustrations;

— see infographics on the main page;

— simultaneously view previews of several photowires without opening the multimedia page;

— evaluate the visual presentation of the news on the main page.

An adaptive version of the website has also been developed for all major mobile platforms and screen resolutions of mobile devices. The added pop-up menu, which remains at the top as you scroll through the pages, will simplify navigation.

The SCO Secretariat Press Service plans to continue working on improving and updating the organisation's website with high-quality and diverse content on the current activities of the SCO, based on the current needs of its international audience.

It is our mission to keep pace with the times and meet the latest requirements of the information space, as well as to provide our visitors with prompt, complete and reliable information about the SCO's various activities.

Welcome to the official website of the SCO Secretariat.