SCO attend international transport events in Turkmenbashi

On 2 May, the International High-Level Conference entitled the Great Silk Road: Towards the New Frontiers of Development took place in Turkmenbashi. This was held on the initiative of the government of Turkmenistan on the same day that an international seaport was unveiled in the city.

The organisers of the event received a message of greetings from SCO Secretary-General Rashid Alimov, in which he notes that the creation of a modern transport infrastructure as well as routes for communication for the long term and close cooperation in developing regional transport links require a continuous and substantive dialogue on outlining new prospects for their development.

"Turkmenistan is one of the acclaimed leaders in this sphere," the message notes. "In particular, it organised the Global Sustainable Transport Conference under the auspices of the UN in November 2016 and the International Transport and Logistics Conference in May 2017, both of which proved a success. A new example of the country's input is the opening of the international seaport in the city of Turkmenbashi, which is expected to play an important role on the continent as a major transport and logistics hub."

The message gives an assessment of the cooperation between the SCO countries in the field of transport; if boosted, the countries' efforts will provide, in the years to come, an additional impulse to the continued development of cooperation in freight transportation by road, rail, air and sea, as well as in the construction of modern transport and logistics hubs across Eurasia.

The message also points out that the implementation of the Agreement between the SCO Member States on the Creation of Favourable Conditions for International Road Transport will lead to the creation of direct road routes between the Pacific and the Atlantic and the emergence of a modern ramified system of transport routes and modern logistics centres on a vast territory across Eurasia.

Ambassador Wang Kaiwen, who is SCO Deputy Secretary-General, attended the conference and took part in the opening ceremony for the new transport and logistics hub of continental importance.