SCO age mates visit its headquarters

SCO age mates visit its headquarters

An Open Door Day for tenth graders at Beijing's general educational school No. 55 was held on April 25, 2018.

SCO Secretary-General Rashid Alimov warmly welcomed his young guests and told them about the history and main principles of the organisation.

"I know you were born in 2001 when the SCO was established. You are indeed the SCO generation," Mr Alimov said.

He emphasized the importance of "having deep knowledge of not only one's national history but also the history and culture of neighbouring nations. An SCO founding principle is to consolidate the friendship, good relations and cooperation of its member states. I am sure you will be imbued with the Shanghai spirit that reflects the depth of the SCO principles that are oriented to the future, like you are. I wish you happiness and let your strongest dreams come true," Mr Rashidov said.

His Deputy Wang Kaiwen described SCO history and development in detail. The guests learned more about it during the tour of the building and the secretariat's inner yard. The latter's diplomats shared their work experience with the tenth graders. The lively discussion continued at what was the first diplomatic coffee break for the guests. They also had an opportunity to demonstrate their musical talents at the Nine Magical Notes Piano Concert.

Open Door Days at the SCO Headquarters started in 2016. Pupils and students from the SCO countries visit the SCO Headquarters from time to time.