Sol: The fifth of the Nine Magic Notes played at SCO Headquarters

The fifth of the Nine Magic Notes

On 2 February 2018, the SCO Headquarters hosted the fifth in a series of musical recitals titled Nine Magic Notes. The fifth note had a distinct sound. This time, the floor was given to Aiturgan Turapova, soloist of the Kyrgyzstan State Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, who played with the orchestra's small company. Accompanied by the philharmonic's leading violinists, Nur Omurbayev and Anna Alyabyeva, as well as talented Chinese cellist, contrabassist and violist, Aiturgan introduced the guests to the incredibly beautiful contemporary classical music and rearranged traditional music from her home country.

In his opening remarks, SCO Secretary-General noted that the popularity of the musical events is growing tremendously fast, which is proved by the "attendance of 13 ambassadors from the SCO member states."

"The fifth note ascended like moonlight from the starry Kyrgyz sky, lightly touching the soaring mountain peaks covered with downy silver white snow caps all year long," Rashid Alimov said introducing Aiturgan, whose name means "moonrise" in Kyrgyz.

"We are here to receive a musical gift from space," the Secretary-General suggested and added: "Contemporary Kyrgyz music is renowned for its close ties and interplay between the East and the West. In other words, it is a dialogue of civilisations and cultures, something that lies at the roots of the Shanghai Spirit."

Kyrgyz Ambassador Azamat Usenov thanked the Secretary-General "for the wonderful initiative and a remarkable opportunity to present the musical culture of each of the eight SCO members."

The one-hour concert went by in one happy instant as the exhilarated audience applauded after each number. Expressing his gratitude for the "fantastic concert," the Secretary-General addressed the talented pianist in verse:

Your name reminds of rise of moon…
Your hands on piano depict your soul…
Enigma rests in notes you play,
The music floats in Noble way!
We hear it, with running tears…
Applauding with rounds of cheers…

The music night also included a photo exhibit about outstanding representatives of Kyrgyzstan who made an invaluable contribution to the country's cultural heritage, including Chingiz Aitmatov, Abdylas Maldybaev and Atai Ogonbaev.

Among the guests were extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassadors of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Afghanistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Syria.

Aiturgan Turapova is an outstanding Kyrgyz pianist, participant in international contests and workshops by German music professors, winner of prestigious Kyrgyz awards, including the rare Jetigen award for contribution to the national musical culture.

A photo exhibition dedicated to the outstanding cultural figures and the history of music in Kyrgyzstan was organised at the SCO Headquarters with the support of the Kyrgyz Embassy in China.

Chamber recitals are held at the SCO Headquarters under the comprehensive SCO Is Our Common Home programme. The musical events will culminate in a grand gala concert involving performers from the eight Eurasian member countries in May 2018, which will become the final musical performance before the SCO summit in China.