SCO attends international cybersecurity conference in Vienna

From 29 January to 2 February, Vienna hosted a representative international conference on cybersecurity attended by SCO representatives.

Experts from the UN and other international organisations such as the EU, OSCE, OAS, Europol, the International Electrotechnical Commission, as well as the world's leading corporations including Microsoft and Huawei, took part in the Vienna Cyber Security Week 2018.

The participants discussed important current topics such as ensuring cybersecurity amid the growing threat of crime in the international information space, the challenges that arise for the international community, in a broad conceptual vein. The event encouraged a thorough exchange of views and experience of rapid response to cyberattacks; the participants discussed how to reduce the risks of conflict arising from the use of cyber resources; cyber diplomacy and joint counteraction to cybercrime; the formats and methods of expanding the confidence-building measures between countries and other matters.

An exhibition of leading information security technology was also organised as part of the conference.

The SCO Secretariat delegation to the conference was headed by Ambassador Mikhail Konarovsky.