SCO Ambassadors Club visits LNG processing industrial complex in Shenzhen

SCO Ambassadors Club

The SCO Ambassadors Club's spent day three of their offsite session's programme in Shenzhen touring the high-technology facilities of Guangdong Dapeng LNG Co Ltd, a company that specialises in the processing and delivery of liquefied natural gas to end customers.

The participants learned about the history of the LNG terminal in Shenzhen, and were introduced to the performance features and technologies used in production. The guests were then shown the gas-receiving dockyard and gas storage units of southern China's largest LNG terminal.

During a meeting with the company's top officials, the current state of and development prospects for international cooperation in the gas industry were discussed.

Wrapping up the programme, members of the SCO Ambassadors Club visited the OCT East theme park, which is known in southern China as a "little Switzerland."

The SCO Ambassadors Club is an informal platform aimed at seeking new areas, forms and methods of multilateral comprehensive cooperation within the SCO. Its regular meetings seek to support and develop dialogue and cooperation between the SCO member states.