SCO Ambassadors Club visits China National GeneBank: New cooperation prospects with SCO countries

SCO Ambassadors Club

On the second day of their offsite meeting, the Ambassadors Club of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) member states visited the world's largest research and design centre for gene studies and genetic engineering of the China National GeneBank (CNGB) in Shenzhen.

Duncun Yu, executive vice president of the high-tech centre, briefed the Club's members on the centre's major research focus, its objectives and tasks, as well as the strategy of international cooperation. The delegation toured the premises, viewed the equipment and facilities of the special building, learned about the unique technologies, based on the modern knowledge of genes, used in medicine, microbiology, agriculture and fisheries.

The participants were also shown the storage facility for gene material which is used in research on disease prevention, improving the qualities of plants, food fish species and cattle breeding stock.

During a conversation with representatives of different research groups working at the CNGB, the SCO ambassadors gave examples of their national institutions' cooperation with the Chinese research centre and discussed opportunities for forging cooperation between the CNGB and specialised agencies in the SCO countries.

The China National GeneBank is one of the world's largest research facilities which specialises in collecting, reviewing, processing and analysing biological data to conduct effective genetic reproduction, designing genetic methods of disease prevention and introducing new genetic qualities in organisms.