SCO International Marathon: march of winners

SCO International Marathon: march of winners

On 31 December 2017, the 2nd SCO International Marathon concluded in Kunming. The most popular SCO sports event of the year 2017 drew over 1.5 million spectators among residents of the "city of eternal spring" as well as nearly 100 million television viewers. About 14,300 amateur runners from 27 countries participated in the SCO Marathon. A triumphant march was played 18 times in honour of the winners.

Adilet Kyshtakbekov became the first athlete from the SCO member state of Kyrgyzstan to win the full marathon of the SCO, demonstrating tremendous will and "Shanghai character".

The final results of the SCO International Marathon 2017 are given below.

Winners of the full marathon among men (42.195 km):

1st place: Adilet Kyshtakbekov (Kyrgyzstan) — 2:23:21
2nd place: Yang Shao Huei (People's Republic of China) — 2:24:15
3rd place: Chen GoJun (People's Republic of China) — 2:26:14

Winners of the full marathon among women (42.195 km):
1st place: Zhen Wen Rong (People's Republic of China) — 2:50:41
2nd place: Zhang Jing Xing (People's Republic of China) — 2:52:57
3rd place: Olga Kaminskaya (Belarus) — 2:59:09

Winners of the half marathon among men (21.975 km):
1st place: Yilda Idiao (Ethiopia): 1:06:50
2nd place: Zhu Renxiu (People's Republic of China) — 1:07:11
3rd place: Tu Wenji (People's Republic of China) — 1:09:32

Winners of the half marathon among women (21.975 km):
1st place: Zhen Die Shun (People's Republic of China) — 1:15:21
2nd place: Pan Yin Li (People's Republic of China) — 1:18:28
3rd place: Lun Shen Nan (People's Republic of China) — 1:22:36

The full marathon (42.195 km) was completed by 1,469 people. At the start of the half marathon (21.975 km) there were 5,389 runners.

Prizes at the awards ceremony were distributed by SCO Secretary-General Rashid Alimov, Mayor of Kunming Wang Xiliang and SCO Deputy Secretary-General Wang Kaiwen.

"The SCO International Marathon is a new tradition of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation that has gained popularity. It contributes to the process of uniting thousands people of different ethnicities, regions and cultures. The marathon was organised at the highest level and in full compliance with global standards. In terms of scale, attendance and visual appeal, the marathon has no parallel within the Organisation and will surely boost cultural and humanitarian cooperation between SCO member states, as well as help raise the SCO's prestige on the global stage," said Secretary-General Rashid Alimov.