Father Frost and Snow Maiden made a stop at the SCO Headquarters

children’s New Year event

On 25 December 2017, by contrast with the cold winter weather outside, it was unusually cozy and warm at the SCO Headquarters in Beijing, with its large halls full of laughing children with their eyes sparkling with delight as they attended a children's New Year event.

As she waited for Father Frost, Snow Maiden sang and danced in a ring together with the children and also entertained them by applying aqua make-up to their faces. Children cheered the arrival of Father Frost, who was accompanied by a mischievous dog, the symbol of next year. All fairy-tale characters danced and sang together with the children around the beautifully decorated Christmas tree, now and then whisking forward to avoid a snow avalanche. Joyful games and musical contests attracted children as well as their parents alike and everyone could take part in diverse interactive and team games.

After the children had got into the spirit of the warm family festivities and had their fill of running around, they were delighted to sing their favourite songs and recite New Year poems to Father Frost and even played a musical work on the SCO piano with great elegance.

Father Frost duly fulfilled all the children's wishes and gave them long-awaited magical gifts.

Towards the end of the festivities, Father Frost and the Snow Maiden invited all the children to enjoy a New Year dessert. The event was held in a warm and friendly family atmosphere, leaving everyone content.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Headquarters in Beijing traditionally celebrate New Year's Day according to the Gregorian calendar, the Chinese Spring Festival, or Chongjie, and the International Nowruz Celebrations.