Music without borders: Third out of Nine Magical Notes resounds at SCO Headquarters

Third out of Nine Magical Notes resounds at SCO Headquarters

On 15 December 2017, the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation's Headquarters in Beijing hosted the third concert in a series of musical soirees called Nine Magical Notes, featuring Jannat Huseinzoda, a young pianist from Tajikistan.

This concert was sponsored by the SCO Secretariat and the Embassy of the Republic of Tajikistan in the People's Republic of China.

Opening the musical soiree, SCO Secretary-General Rashid Alimov remarked that, on this occasion, guests would be treated to an unusual musical performance. "Music is a language of international communication that does not have to be translated. Music contains something which is not subject to rational explanation, a Mystery that cleanses and glorifies the soul, created by the Miracle. The name of this miracle is Jannat, meaning Paradise. As I see it, magical music resounded all around her on the day Jannat was born. This music enclosed her and her mother in its long-awaited embrace. Both celestial Mysteries, Jannat and Music, have been together ever since, and they have merged into one single whole," Mr. Alimov commented.

Parviz Davlatzoda, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Tajikistan to the People's Republic of China, addressed the guests. He sincerely welcomed Jannat to Beijing and said the people of Tajikistan loved the pianist very much. "The numerous admirers of Jannat's creative work appreciate her virtuoso performances of works by romantic composers, including Bach, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, as well as her own musical pieces. Jannat takes her creative work very seriously and strives to perform every musical masterpiece in the best possible manner. Her performances continue to delight even the most sophisticated audiences," the Ambassador of Tajikistan noted. Mr. Davlatzoda expressed the wish that Jannat become a famous pianist and noted that Jannat had all the necessary qualities.

The guests were treated to a concert programme especially prepared by Jannat and her tutor, Professor Dilbar Hakimova. She performed Mozart's Sonata No. 9, Mendelssohn's Song without Words No. 6, Sibelius' Opus No. 75, and a nocturne by Chopin, as well as some other lyrical masterpieces by modern Chinese composers. Jannat also performed her own music piece called Bahor (Spring), which was the highlight of the concert.

Afterwards, Jannat performed an encore, with a musical piece called Souvenir of Andalusia by Gottschalk.

A photo exhibition titled History of the Tajik Nation's Musical Culture opened during the soiree. The guests admired photographs of unique artefacts including: an illustration of an ancient female harpist, found in the 6th-7th centuries AD in ancient Penjikent; a medieval miniature showing a female performer playing the Barbat and Daf musical instruments during a conversation between Sassanid King Khosrow Parviz and his beloved wife Shirin; an image showing a meeting between King Khosrow Parviz and musician Borbad; and an essay on music by Abdurrahman Jami outlining the theory of the Twelve Maqams, etc.

The guests also listened to success stories of well-known musicians, composers, orchestra conductors and acclaimed cultural workers of the Tajik nation, including: Ziyodullo Shahidi, Ayzam Kamolov, Shohnazar Sahibov, Hanifa Mavlyanova, Zafar Nozimov, Odina Hoshimov, Firuz Bahor, Damir Dustmuhamedov, Talabhuja Sattorov, Sharofiddin Saifiddinov, Tolibhon Sahidi and others.

Representatives of the PRC Foreign Ministry, Ambassadors Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, India, Pakistan, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, former Ambassadors of China to Tajikistan, high-ranking representatives of the diplomatic corps in Beijing, heads of some international organisations, SCO Secretariat officials, music lovers and media representatives attended the event.

Jannat Huseinzoda, 12, has won a number of national and international awards. She started playing the piano at the age of five. In 2013, when she was eight, Jannat won the British Theatre Art Festival in the Instrument Solo category. In 2014, she came first during the Kamalak Yulduzlari Festival of Children's Creativity. On 24 October 2014, she debuted as a chamber orchestra conductor and performed her own works. In February 2015, she took part in a concert involving a chamber orchestra and acted as a pianist, composer and conductor. In April and May 2015, she won The Muse International Competition in Athens, Greece, and she also won the gold medal of the Golden Festival International in Paris, France. On 30 June 1917, Jannat performed solo at the Grand Hall of the Tajikistan National Conservatoire. Her creative portfolio has over 100 works, and she has released two personal collections of her musical works.

A photo exhibition titled History of the Tajik Nation's Musical Culture opened at SCO Headquarters with the support of Professor and DSc (Arts) Asliddin Nizami, Head of the Tajikistan Culture Ministry's Art Directorate Mirzoolim Saidov and Firdavs Shahidi, the grandson of Ziyodullo Shahidi, the founder of the modern classical music of Tajikistan.

Famous pianists from all SCO member-states will continue to perform during chamber music concerts at SCO Headquarters. A gala concert featuring performers from all Big Eight states is scheduled to be held in May 2018. It will be the final musical accord in the run-up to the SCO summit in China.