Participants in the SCO Defence and Security Forum visit SCO Headquarters in Beijing

The meeting with participants in the First SCO Defence and Security Forum

On 12 December 2017, SCO Secretary-General Rashid Alimov met with participants in the First SCO Defence and Security Forum at the SCO Headquarters in Beijing. The forum was sponsored by the International College of Defence Studies at the National Defence University of the Chinese People's Liberation Army.

Speaking to officers from the defence ministries of the SCO member states and observer countries, Rashid Alimov focused on the history of an organisation that bears critical responsibility for maintaining peace, stability and security in the vast Eurasian region. Special attention was given to the highly effective cooperation between the defence ministries and intelligence services of the SCO member countries, the practical results that had been achieved and future challenges, in particular, the practice of regularly holding joint antiterrorist exercise, including the Peaceful Mission exercise.

Mr Alimov stressed the importance and topicality of efforts to strengthen cooperation between the SCO member states in defence matters, as well as the fight against the "three evils" as well as countering drug trafficking and arms smuggling. He thanked officers for their joint contribution to maintaining peace and stability in the region for the sake of sustainable development and the people's prosperity. "All people and every SCO member state are interested in more vigorous and coordinated efforts to counter the common challenges and threats to security and to promote dialogue and cooperation in ensuring comprehensive security, primarily, in fighting terrorism," Mr Alimov said.

Maj. Gen. Xu Hui, Head of the International College of Defence Studies, thanked the SCO Secretary-General, on behalf of forum participants, for the opportunity to meet with him as well as for his detailed answers to numerous questions.

As part of the visit, officers were invited to walk around the SCO Secretariat grounds, the SCO Charter Marble Hall and the national halls of the SCO member states.

The meeting was attended by SCO Deputy Secretary-General Sabyr Imandosov.

The International College of Defence Studies (CDS) is under the National Defence University of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, which is China's military academy of higher education. The CDS is mainly tasked with providing education to foreign officers and government officials and holding international discussions on defence and security issues.