SCO headquarters hosts second concert of the Nine Magical Notes series

SCO headquarters hosts second concert of the Nine Magical Notes series

On 27 November 2017, the second concert of the already traditional Nine Magical Notes series was held at the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation's headquarters.

The concert was opened by SCO Secretary-General Rashid Alimov, who noted that "music has no borders; it bears pieces of our peoples' cultures that combine to form a single mosaic. Music is the language of love, kindness and happiness, in which musicians communicate with humanity, urging them toward peace, harmony and prosperity."

"The history of music goes back as far as the history of our countries, back to the Silk Road. Its binding thread unites people regardless their nationality, religion or philosophical ideas," Rashid Alimov noted.

Uzbekistan's Ambassador to China thanked the organisers for the opportunity to take part in the project and spoke about the musical traditions in his country.

The programme featured famous Uzbekistani pianist Madina Faiziyeva, who performed powerful, beautiful interpretations of masterpieces by Johann Sebastian Bach, Frederic Chopin and Sergei Rachmaninoff. Faiziyeva treated guests to enchanting sounds of twittering birds, wind and sand storms in music by Dmitry Yanov-Yanovsky and to a spiritual chamber atmosphere featuring brilliant works by European composers.

Faiziyeva concluded the programme with a surprise — the melodious Chinese song Liuyang River as an encore which stirred deep emotions among the Chinese audience. She also played "Voyage" by famous Uzbekistani composer Murod Otajonov evoking a voyage along the Seine in Paris.

A photo exhibition dedicated to the architecture of Uzbekistan, its history, traditions and world-famous sights was opened as part of the programme. The images of magnificent buildings in Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and Shahrisabz allowed the guests to make a virtual trip to the heart of the greatest trans-continental trade route in human history, the Silk Road.

The event was attended by ambassadors of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Nepal, Sri-Lanka and Turkmenistan as well as charges d'affaires from India, Turkey and Afghanistan, permanent representatives of the SCO member countries, diplomats from embassies of the "SCO family" countries and members of the People's Republic of China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Madina Faiziyeva is the winner of the Palma d'Oro International Piano Competition in Finale Ligure, the Firstt Braunschweig Classic Open International Music Competition and also the Bravo Prize of the Uzbekistan's Ministry of Culture and Sport to finance the studies of winners of international music competitions.