Vladimir Potapenko: “Achieving security and stability in Afghanistan reflects the basic interests of the SCO member-states”

The International Conference on Regional Dynamics and Strategic Concerns in South Asia

Islamabad, Pakistan, hosted the International Conference on Regional Dynamics and Strategic Concerns in South Asia, on 14-15 November 2017.

The conference involved over 50 leading experts and scientists from Afghanistan, China, Germany, Nepal, Russia, Sri Lanka and the United States. The Islamabad Institute of Policy Studies sponsored the event. A delegation from the SCO Secretariat headed by Deputy SCO Secretary General Vladimir Potapenko attended the conference.

Conference participants focused on South Asian political and social trends, unconventional challenges to regional security, the situation in Afghanistan and other issues.

"The SCO invariably supports international efforts to help stabilise the situation in Afghanistan," Mr Potapenko noted in his speech. He also noted that the SCO member states were regularly expanding the scale of their political, economic and other assistance to Kabul. They provide or plan bilateral and multilateral assistance in security, law enforcement, transport infrastructure development, energy, efforts to combat illegal drug trafficking, and training national personnel, etc., he added.

Mr Potapenko pointed out that the SCO's contact group for Afghanistan was stepping up its activities, and that this would create extra opportunities for involving Afghanistan (that has SCO observer state status) in the organisation's activities.