SCO headquarters hosts first concert of the Nine Magical Notes series

First concert of the Nine Magical Notes series

The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation's headquarters were filled with a friendly and festive atmosphere on 26 September 2017, when the first of the Nine Magical Notes concerts was held. The concert series opened with famous pianist Tian Jiaxin from the People's Republic of China, the country which is currently presiding over the SCO.

The event was attended by the diplomats from embassies of the "SCO family" countries, members of the People's Republic of China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and people involved in the world of culture.

"These chamber concerts, which we are holding as part of the already popular SCO Is Our Common Home programme, are intended to introduce our guests to the music and traditions of the SCO member states, foster cultural dialogue, strengthen the so-called Shanghai spirit and create an atmosphere of mutual understanding and friendship among our peoples," said SCO Secretary-General Rashid Alimov during the opening ceremony. "We hope that these piano concerts at the SCO headquarters will reflect the openness of our Organisation."

Guests were treated to a specially prepared programme performed by Chinese pianist Tian Jiaxin, the featured artist of the first concert. She played Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Piano Sonata No. 10 in C major, K. 330, as well as lyrical works by contemporary Chinese composers. Tian Jiaxin skillfully conjured the enchanting sounds of birds trilling in morning, characteristic of the folk music of Shaanxi Province, in the works of contemporary Chinese composer Wang Jianzhong, as well as the powerful rush of the Yellow River', and evoked fond memories of the thrilling action in James Bond movies. Tian Jiaxin played her own interpretation of the song Podmoskovnye Vechera (Moscow Nights) as an encore to close out the concert.

The pianist's masterly performance was aided by a new piano donated by the Chinese corporation Red Stone. It is the new jewel of the SCO headquarters.

Prior to the concert an exhibition of the famous Chinese artist-embroiderer Yao Jianping were launched in "Moscow" Hall of the SCO Headquarters whereas the guests with interest acquainted with the refined art of Suzhou embroidery.

Tian Jiaxin is a prominent Chinese pianist. After graduating from the Chinese Central Music Conservatory in September 2010, she was accepted into the Manhattan School of Music, one of the premiere conservatories in the US. Under the guidance of the famous pianist Jeffrey Cohen, she obtained her Master of Music degree in May 2012. The following year, she received the Harold Bauer Award, the school's highest piano prize.

In February 2013, Tian Jiaxin made her debut at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in Manhattan, playing her own interpretations of Chinese and Western works. The pianist has earned the recognition and adoration of audiences, and international renown, performing in many countries both as a soloist (Austria, Lebanon, Germany, the Czech Republic, the US and many others) and in collaboration with world-famous composers and conductors, such as Philippe Entremont, Kazuo Kanemaki.

The chamber music series at the SCO headquarters will continue with performances of many other prominent pianists of the SCO member states. In May 2018, a gala concert featuring performances by musicians from the SCO member states will be held, which will serve as a grand musical flourish before the SCO summit in China.

Yao Jianping was born in 1967 year in Zhenhu county of Suzhou Province, from where a glory of thousand-year history of Suzhou embroidery had begun. Yao Jianping is one of the few who ideally knows the art of portrait embroidery. Images of famous Chinese and foreign state public figures embroidered by her have received wide recognition. Many of her works were presented to the leaders of foreign countries as a state gift. Since March 28, 2004, the Museum of Embroidery Art of Yao Jianping has been functioning in Suzhou.