OSCE PA delegation visits SCO Secretariat

OSCE PA delegation

On 12 June 2017, a meeting between SCO Deputy Secretary-General Vladimir Potapenko and a delegation of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly led by OSCE Vice-President Christine Muttonen took place at the OSCE Secretariat.

Mr Potapenko briefed the delegation members on the SCO's practical activity this year and the results of the 9 June 2017 Astana Summit, which was marked primarily by the organisation's enlargement with the admission of India and Pakistan, as well as the adoption of important documents on fighting terrorism and extremism.

Special attention was given to the summit's key document, the Astana Declaration, which stressed the importance of further strengthening the SCO as an effective, inclusive regional organisation focused on fostering a fairer, polycentric world order responding to the interests of each and every state, promoting the democratisation of international relations, creating an effective global and regional security and cooperation architecture and building a community based on a common future for humankind.

There was an exchange of opinions on a number of current international issues.

The parties also addressed ways of deepening cooperation between the two organisations, including interparliamentary cooperation, sharing information and experience in countering the "forces of the three evils" and cultural and humanitarian cooperation.

The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, which brings together 323 MPs from 57 countries in the OSCE region, including Europe, Asia and North America, is a forum for parliamentary dialogue, operates election monitoring missions and strengthens international cooperation in the interest of meeting political, security, economic, environmental and human rights commitments.