SCO Secretary-General: The Astana Summit has turned a new page in the SCO history

The report on the Organisation’s performance during Kazakhstan’s Presidency

On 9 June, SCO Secretary-General Rashid Alimov delivered a report on the Organisation's performance during Kazakhstan's Presidency at the SCO Heads of State Council meeting.

The SCO Secretary-General expressed gratitude to Kazakhstan and President Nursultan Nazarbayev for their commitment to the SCO, excellent arrangement of the Astana Summit and hospitality.

Rashid Alimov also thanked the heads of the founding SCO states for their undivided attention to and concern for strengthening and further developing the Organisation.

He said the following, in particular:

1. The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation has passed the test of time, and millions of people around the world have embraced the principles of the Shanghai Spirit.

2. The founding SCO states have developed high cooperation standards at the Organisation, which has become a major positive factor in regional and global politics using effective mechanisms in the spheres of policy, security, trade, the economy, culture and humanitarian cooperation.

3. The Organisation has achieved major successes in the fight against drug trafficking and transnational organised crime.

4. The SCO continues to increase its involvement in global affairs. Cooperation with the UN and other international organisations and associations has risen to a new level.

5. The SCO has become a major participant in international forums and conferences in Asia, Europe and the Americas and a positive factor of the global information space.

6. Trade and economic cooperation is gaining importance in the SCO operation. The SCO is growing into the central link in Eurasia capable of rallying the efforts necessary to implement major economic initiatives. A recent example is the opening of an SCO pavilion at the International Specialised Exhibition EXPO 2017 in Astana.

7. Cultural cooperation within the SCO has reached new heights. We are consistently promoting educational projects and initiatives that promote international rapprochement in culture, sports and youth contacts.

8. Kazakhstan's Presidency of the SCO has been unequalled in terms of results achieved and contribution to the Organisation's performance in the six-member format. India and Pakistan have honoured all the commitments they assumed under the Tashkent Memorandum and will become full members of the Organisation today in accordance with your decision.

9. The decisions taken at the Astana Summit have turned a new page in the SCO history. There is no doubt that the SCO will continue to make a major contribution to dealing with global issues in the name of peace, stability and prosperity of our countries thanks to common development policy of its eight member states.

In conclusion, Rashid Alimov expressed his sincere gratitude to the heads of SCO member states for their attention and all-round support. He said that the SCO Secretariat would do its best to ensure the fulfilment of the agreements signed in the name of the continued development of multifaceted cooperation.