The venue of the EXPO 2017 International Specialised Exhibition
SCO pavilion at EXPO 2017: The energy of the “Shanghai spirit” for everybody

On 20 April 2017, SCO Secretary-General Rashid Alimov visited the venue of the EXPO 2017 International Specialised Exhibition where he held a working meeting on the construction of the SCO pavilion.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Secretary-General and Executive Commissar of the SCO pavilion Sabyr Imandosov; top managers of New Euro-Asia Group, the main partner of the SCO Secretariat; as well as representatives of contractor companies, Pico (construction works), Marco Polo (design and content) and G-Global (themed events on green energy) among them.

The Secretary-General listened to interim reports on the construction of the SCO pavilion, which, in accordance with the expo's theme, Future Energy, will reflect the achievements of SCO member states in the use of renewable energy sources. Mr Alimov expressed hope that "the pavilion will demonstrate the contribution that the SCO has made to the development and implementation of new-generation energy projects, environmental development and support of environmental programmes."

In August 2016, the SCO received an invitation from the EXPO 2017 Commissar on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan to take part in the International Specialised Exhibition.

At the moment, the concept of the SCO participation and design of the pavilion have been developed, and work has been done to fill it with content in accordance with the theme of the expo and the history of the SCO.

In accordance with an agreement with the Government of Kazakhstan, SCO Day will be marked on 27 August 2017 as part of Astana EXPO 2017.