SCO National Coordinators hold an open day for high school students

An open day for students from the Russian Embassy’s school in China

The SCO Secretariat opened its doors to students from the Russian Embassy's school in China in the afternoon of 14 March 2017.

The proactive students who will participate in the SCO Model interactive game, which will be held at the SCO Secretariat on 12 April 2017, were taken on a tour of the SCO member states' national rooms, the interior garden and the SCO Charter Room.

The highlight of the Open Day was the attendance of a SCO Council of National Coordinators meeting, where the students could see how SCO diplomats work in a multilateral format, feel the power of the Shanghai spirit, the friendly atmosphere and painstaking team work to prepare the main SCO events, which will be held in Astana this year. Alexei Shin, a 10th form student, thanked the National Coordinators and the SCO Secretariat for the opportunity to attend an important event and for the invaluable experience.

SCO Deputy Secretary-General Aziz Nosirov thanked the SCO National Coordinators for inviting the school students to attend a meeting of their council, and the students for their interest in the SCO. He also wished them to remain diligent and persevere in studying the SCO activities and preparing for the SCO Model interactive game.

The first SCO Model interactive game was held at the SCO Secretariat in Beijing on 22 April 2016. The main participants in that game were high school students of the SCO member states, who study at the Russian Embassy's school in China.