IFES head visits SCO HQ

IFES head visits SCO HQ

On 1 March 2017, SCO Secretary General Rashid Alimov met in Beijing with Sergei Luzyanin, director of the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Far Eastern Studies (IFES).

During the meeting the officials shared their views on the status of and prospects for cooperation between the SCO Secretariat and the IFES in various spheres.

Mr Luzyanin pointed out that during the past 15 years the SCO has emerged as an influential international association, as evidenced by the desire of a large number of states to join it in various formats: from dialogue partnership to full membership.

"The SCO development strategy is a new area for the expert community, and our researchers continuously analyse the main problems that the SCO faces in the rapidly changing world. We seek not only to assess positive experience but also to propose new approaches toward the SCO's current and future agenda," Mr Luzyanin said.

Mr Alimov expressed his gratitude to Mr Luzyanin and the IFES research staff for their continuous and proactive efforts with regard to SCO problems, as well as for donating a series of their scholarly works to the SCO Secretariat Library: a total of 600 publications.

"The growing research component of political practice places before the research community a number of important tasks, in particular, analysis of the situation in the SCO area, the impact of external factors on its development, making proposals and providing analytical support for activities and multilateral cooperation within the framework of the organisation," Mr Alimov said.

The secretary general told Mr Luzyanin about the expert forums and symposiums that are held within the framework of the SCO on a regular basis, where researchers and experts from the SCO member countries' leading think tanks consider the SCO's role and place in international relations and provide multi-factor analysis of the organisation's activity in the Eurasian space.

For his part, Mr Luzyanin said the IFES and its research centres were ready for closer cooperation with the SCO Secretariat.

The conversation took place in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Sergei Luzyanin, D.Sc. (History), is a Russian Orientalist, expert on international relations in East Asia, the domestic and foreign policy of China and Mongolia, security problems in the Asia Pacific region and Central Asia.

He has served as IFES director since 2016. He is also a professor at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations and at the Higher School of Economics National Research University, member of the Russian Council for International Affairs and president of the Oriental Studies Support Foundation

The Institute of Far Eastern Studies (IFES) is a leading research institution of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The institute is a coordinating centre for the study of China, Japan and Korea, as well as international policy issues and economic integration in the Asia-Pacific Region. It is based in Moscow.
IFES has a staff of about 200 orientalist experts: economists, historians, philosophers, political scientists, linguists and experts on culture and ethnic studies. Its leading researchers are major scholars, the heads of research schools on the history, economy, international relations, philosophy and culture of East Asian nations, above all China, Japan and Korea.