SCO Secretary-General attends the Munich Security Conference

Munich Security Conference

On 17 February 2017, the 53rd Munich Security Conference opened with over 500 prominent politicians, diplomats, the military, renowned business, academic and public persons from different countries taking part. According to the organisers, participants include more than 30 heads of state and government, and over 80 defence and foreign ministers. During the three-day conference, participants will discuss the key items of the international and European agendas on different platforms of the conference, which is scheduled to conclude on 19 February.

At the organisers' request, a delegation of the SCO Secretariat headed by the Secretary-General is attending the conference for the first time.

The Munich non-governmental independent conference to discuss important security issues was established in 1963 as an international meeting of defence experts of the NATO member-states. Currently it is an international discussion forum with no documents adopted upon its completion. At the same time, the conference is considered an important venue for meetings and discussions of pressing current issues by top politicians and diplomats.