Alisports CEO visits SCO headquarters

Alisports CEO visits SCO headquarters

On 8 February 2017, SCO Secretary-General Rashid Alimov received Alisports CEO Zhang Dazhong at the SCO headquarters.

During the meeting, they discussed the current state and prospects of cooperation between the SCO's main administrative body and Alisports in sports and educational projects.

The SCO Secretary-General expressed his appreciation to Zhang Dazhong for Alisports' significant contribution to the organisation of the first international marathon in SCO history.

"The SCO Marathon was a remarkable and unforgettable sporting event, which emphasised the main humanitarian principles of the SCO philosophy, which include peace and friendship between peoples, convergence and mutual enrichment of cultures and civilisations, and the unity and spiritual affinity of the SCO family," Alimov said. He expressed confidence that Alisports will continue to help organise and promote the SCO Marathon that will be held annually in Kunming.

Zhang Dazhong praised the SCO's organisation of such a major sporting event and said he hopes for the SCO to make even better use of its huge potential and advantages to host various competitions, including winter sports, especially considering the upcoming Winter Olympic Games to be hosted by Beijing in 2022. Zhang Dazhong assured Secretary-General Alimov that his company is ready to continue helping the SCO Secretariat organise major sports events in any way that it can.

They agreed to work through Alisports to involve the International Association of Athletics Federations in SCO sporting events, especially the SCO Marathon.

Alibaba Sports Group (Alisports) is a subsidiary of Alibaba Group established in September 2015 as a production chain for innovative development in the sports industry based on new trends and opportunities presented by the digital economy.

Today Alisports is a promising platform for e-commerce services, mass media, marketing, home entertainment, cloud services, finance and other aspects of modern life which, together, form a completely new environment for businesses, copyright protection and distribution of public information, etc.

Alisports' main goal is to improve production to meet the demands of athletes and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts for high quality athletic products.

Last month in Switzerland, Alibaba Group and the International Olympic Committee signed a cooperation agreement to 2028, under which Alibaba Group is now officially one of the IOC's top-tier general sponsors.