Press release on the SCO Secretariat’s participation in the 8th Eastern Economic Forum

Флаг ШОС

The SCO Secretariat took part online in a number of 11 September panel sessions held as part of the Eastern Economic Forum’s Business Programme.

SCO Deputy Secretary-General Janesh Kain informed the participants in the session “SCO Climatic Agenda: Advancing towards Common Goals” about the SCO’s environmental priorities, including environmental compliance, prevention of negative impacts of climate change, development of specially protected territories and ecotourism, etc. 

SCO Deputy Secretary-General Sohail Khan spoke at the session “Greater Eurasia: Drivers of an Alternative International Monetary System.” In his address he said that the SCO prioritised encouraging stakeholders to implement a roadmap on increasing the share of national currencies in mutual payments between the SCO member states.   

Work is underway to identify joint approaches to developing clearing and payment systems and streamlining multilateral currency-related legal relations in foreign trade. A probe is conducted into options for creating sources of liquidity in national currencies and organising direct stock exchange trading.  

The Eastern Economic Forum was held in Vladivostok, Russia, from 11 to 13 September.